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Share your notes with your newsroom, from anywhere.

Mayor announces new initiative to combat traffic deaths in the city, focusing on 3rd & Main.
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How much does this cost?

We do not like charging newsrooms. In fact, we'd rather give them a new revenue stream.

By partnering with us, we give you access to Nillium for Newsrooms free of charge. We're working on a consumer application powered by the reporting you are already producing that will fund the software and reach new audiences and revenue streams.


Threaded by Story

Updates are organized in threads, so everything related to a story is in one place.

At any time, you can scroll down to see everything that happened before, instantly catching up on context.

Thread Example

Accessible Anywhere

Access from any device with web access.

You can also send and receive updates by email, Slack, and text message, for when you can't get on the WiFi.

Powerful Planning Tools

Assign target dates for any thread, and keep track of their status.


Automatic Archiving

Everything is archived the moment it is added — even by text or email — with no extra effort required.

System-wide search makes past updates easy to find, no matter how old they might be.

Integrates with Slack

We don't try to replace your current workflow, we augment it.

Story update notifications can slide right into your DMs, and you can turn Slack messages into story updates without ever leaving the channel.

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